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Product Description

Citrus junos

Direct from Japan, we've been working hard to source this rare essential oil for several years. Finally, our patience has paid off. With the fall 2017 harvest described by farmers as the worst in more than two decades and the 2018 harvest considered average, supply has sadly not been able to match demand for this delicious essential oil. Prices on the market vary greatly, but with Mmerci Encore, you can be assured that you're truly receiving a rare gem in terms of quality of product and of fair trade prices. 

Steam-distilled from the rind of the yuzu citrus, this oil has been used in Japanese culture for centuries to lend a surprising twist in cuisine and as an aromatic in its bathing culture. Its natural perfume uplifts any dark and dull space, making it the ideal companion for those confined indoors. Diffuse it alone or blend it with your favourite Japanese essential oils such as hiba and hinoki for a mental shinrin-yoku (forest bathing), especially if you're yearning to be amongst the healing properties of nature right now. We love yuzu essential oil for its ability to cut through the heaviness of life to create a light, playful atmosphere. 

AROMA zesty, tart, juicy, bright and citrusy 

PROMOTES relaxation and refreshment, respiratory wellbeing especially for those battling colds 

ALLEVIATES stress and anxiety, nervous exhaustion, fatigue, the appearance of cellulite

BLENDS WELL WITH hiba, hinoki, sandalwood

TIPS & SPECIAL CARE Safe during pregnancy, safe for kids to enjoy diffused. To prolong the shelf life of this special oil, please store it in a cool, dark spot away from sunlight and humidity (think: a part of the fridge that isn't exposed to as much humidity as the refrigerator door). Keep it up right and tightly capped at all times. 



Yuzu Essential Oil (5ml)