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Product Description

Wake. Pray. Slay.

The essential ambient and face kit to help you overcome lethargy, feelings of malaise, and conquer the day. Our Rise blend does nothing but support and uplift, stimulating the senses. Count on the Invigorating Facial Mist to perk up the skin and senses, banishing any post-lunch food comas or in-flight sluggishness. Pure peppermint essential oil, the enemy of procrastination, encourages affirmative action and focus. A perfect set for yourself (or a friend) who needs to get the gears in motion once again. 


Featuring full-size aromatherapy goodies, packed in a chic Mmerci Encore Essentials Pouch and card

Rise essential oil blend 10ml  

Invigorating Facial Mist 60ml  

Peppermint 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oil 10ml 

Wake, Pray, Slay Gift Set (worth $97)

We source pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, however subtle differences in scent and colour may vary by batch. Usually ships within 5 days