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Product Description

Citrus sinesis

This bold, carefree citrus is a guaranteed perk-me-up thanks to its warm and radiant disposition. 10mls of pure, unadulterated sunshine in a vial.

AROMA sweet, sharp, tangy, fresh

PROMOTES radiance and vitality, openheartedness, stimulation of lymphatic drainage as it helps treat swollen spots and the appearance of cellulite

ALLEVIATES anxiety and nerves, a case of the grumps

BLENDS WELL WITH a whole host of oils from bergamot to marjoram, vetiver and ylang ylang

TIPS & SPECIAL CARE Combine a few drops with organic white vinegar in a spritz for a natural, chemical-free home detergent

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

We source pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, however subtle differences in scent and colour may vary by batch. Usually ships within 5 days