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Rosmarinus officinalis

Considered sacred by the ancient Greeks and Romans who burned rosemary to prevent infections, rosemary oil is antiseptic, purifying, and restores vitality.  
BENEFITS One of the earliest plants to be used in cooking and religious rites, the Greeks burnt sprigs in their shrines, the French used it to purify hospital wards, and it was worn by newlyweds as a symbol of love, remembrance and loyalty. Once believed to prevent nightmares if placed under the pillow before sleep.  
Rosemary is warming, helping to ease inflammation while soothing joint and muscular aches. Its stimulating nature makes it an ideal tonic, as it enhances circulation and contains analgesic properties. 
Rosemary oil may benefit dry, mature and acne-prone skin types as well as act as a scalp stimulant and clarifier. It can also work as a digestive aid to relieve gas, bloating, and the appearance of cellulite.  
Rosemary essential oil is known to have a stimulating effect on the mind and senses, helping to boost memory/cognitive function, providing a mental perk-me-up for those brain fogging.   
Rosemary oil speaks of stability, purification, and awareness.  Its mantra: I mindfully meet the moment with laser-sharp focus and recall.
Not recommended during pregnancy or if experiencing high blood pressure or epilepsy.  

Rosemary Essential Oil

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