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Product Description

Acupressure/deep tissue massage meets yoga for the face 

We lock stress and emotions in our expressions, sometimes to the point where these every day microactions in the face become habitual. For this, our rose quartz facial massagers work to offer release and relief. The natural weight of the stones help to add comfortable pressure to the face, promoting lymph drainage and toning facial muscles under the skin. For a deeper, more intense at-home facial massage treatment that targets acupressure points to relax and release, look to the rose quartz massagers. These are also great for those after an alternate means to gua sha.  

Rose quartz is a deeply calming stone that's associated with unconditional love. Metaphysically, it helps to open the heart and offers a calming presence, replacing negative energy with self-assuring, healing vibrations. Facial massage helps to detox the skin, removing impurities and tension. In the hand, these massagers have a nice heft which is great for applying pressure to facial muscles (or other knots in the body!), erasing signs of stress locked in your skin and countenance. For deep massage to help give those facial muscles a good workout. 


Take a pea size amount of cleansing balm, serum or facial oil and apply it onto the skin. With dry hands, pick up these milky rose quartz jade massagers and bring them to your face, neck, and décolletage. The natural chill of the gemstones instantly revive and awaken your senses. This instinctive, cool touch is a welcome surprise to the senses, removing any 'heat' associated with fatigued, weary skin. 

HOW TO SELF-MASSAGE with your rose quartz massagers & hands:

There are some great resources online, here are some options to check out: Abigail James' face lifting massage or these handy acupressure/facial meridian point maps. 

NEED TO KNOW Being a living mineral, each rose quartz massager features its own unique properties. They may vary in tone and size, with stones approximately 4cm in length and 4.4cm circumference of the base respectively. Minimal inclusions are completely normal and inherent to the nature of rose quartz. These babies are fragile and need extra TLC, so please keep them away from rough or sharp surfaces, extreme temperatures (such as the freezer!) and avoid submerging them in water for too long. Keep clean, dry and away from humid areas when not in use. As with your skin, avoid using harsh detergents to clean the roller, and kindly remember that stone may change colour or patina time. 

Rose Quartz Facial Massager

RRP: $73.00 (You save $4.00)
Sustainably sourced and crafted by hand, these gemstone products are one-of-a-kind.