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Product Description

Bedgasm. Rediscover the euphoria of sleep and climb into bed with Nightshade, the first step in any bedtime ritual. Whether you're jetlagged and resetting the body clock, or just finding it hard to wind down from the day, this night oil is formulated to help gently sedate and ease you into a deeper, calmer state of sleep. Emerge well-rested and ready to take on a new day thanks to our proprietary blend of certified organic essential oils including lavender leading the charge. Handcrafted in small batches with passion and pride in Singapore, from oils sourced around the world. 

AROMA deep, dark, earthy and calming

PROMOTES the feeling of instant peace with grounding patchouli, a great lifter of the head especially for those experiencing feelings of depression. The oils work synergistically to release that rush of security and calm, dissolving anger, tension or unproductive thoughts that seem to pop up before sleep. Patchouli is also a natural aphrodisiac, and helps to ignite the much-needed spark.

SELF-CARE TIPS For instant calm, drop up to 3 drops on the soles of the feet, or on a tissue and inhale. Best experienced either diffused or burned in an oil burner. Maintain proper sleep hygiene every evening by putting away all tech devices and even reading materials two to three hours before sleep. Keep that glass of water and notebook on the bedside handy (you'll never know when you need to jot down a few goals and dreams). Pop some Nightshade in your burner or diffuser. Hop into your bed and feel your body sink into the sheets. Let the feeling of absolute calm wash over you as you surrender to sleep and release the day from your grasp... Sweet dreams! 

PREGNANCY/MAMA NOTES Safe to diffuse and inhale for expectant mums from their second or third trimester onward. We recommend diffusing this in nurseries with kids aged 2 and up. 


Nightshade Sleep Mode Blend

We source pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, however subtle differences in scent and colour may vary by batch. Usually ships within 5 days