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Product Description

Clear your head. This brain fog-busting, sinus-clearing scent was originally formulated for busting Monday blues. It beats lethargy and general feelings of ennui with energy-boosting peppermint, relaxing and refreshing the senses simultaneously. Mint Crema aromatherapy roll-on also offers mild relief for tension headaches and nausea. True to the original Mint Crema scent, we've blended in Australian blue gum eucalyptus and lemony may chang which are great revivers to help pull you out of jetlag or that dreaded half-asleep state when you need to be alert and on form.

AROMA bright, menthol-y, herbaceous, powerful 

PROMOTES the feeling of alertness and attentiveness sans the caffeine, helps you breathe deeper and better focus at the task at hand

SELF-CARE TIPS For an instant perk-me-up or to ease tension, swipe on temples, the base of the skill and back of the neck and inhale deeply the nose for a minimum of four counts. Allow you belly and lungs to fill with air for 7 counts and energetically exhale through the mouth for 8 counts, letting your belly button sink in completely. This blend is great for helping you sit up and take action, thus if you have trouble sleeping, we recommend that use this in the daytime and switch to a calming, anxiety-clearing scent before sleep such as Nightshade

PREGNANCY/NURSING MAMA NOTES While it's great for nausea, we recommend expectant and nursing mums press pause on using the Mint Crema aromatherapy roll-on till after they've finished breastfeeding. We recommend conservative use of this for children over the age of 4 years and up. As with everything, please patch test first.

CARE Store upright at all times, away from sunlight, heat, and humidity. We recommend carrying this with you in-flight (as opposed to check-in luggage) so it can support you at all times. Fluctuations in cabin pressure, temperature, and movement may at times cause the oils to pool or flow faster than normal, which is why we recommend upright storage in a separate plastic pouch. 


Mint Crema Focus Roll-On

RRP: $37.00 (You save $5.55)
We source pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, however subtle differences in scent and colour may vary by batch. Usually ships within 5 days