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Product Description

THE INTENTION We're huge fans of this gorgeous stone. Aside from being a statement desk or bedside accessory, its especially useful in today's tech age. Helpful for those wanting to digitally detox by absorbing negative or electromagnetic energies (the effects of too much screen time), pop the stone in between yourself and your computer. Malachite is a hard working stone, often credited with bringing about positive transformations - opening the heart, balancing emotions, and encourages release.

THE AFFIRMATION I am renewed and transforming for the better with every moment.  

PAIR THIS WITH Heart-opening oils such as geranium or our rosewood blend

Our natural crystals are sustainably mined in Brazil and lovingly hand selected from trusted sources in the field of crystals and gemstones with over 28 years of experience. 

Approximate measurements (being natural, each gemstone is unique in colour, size, shape, lustre and points): length 4.5cm x depth 2cm to 3.5cm. The image above is only as an illustrative guide. 

Lapis Lazuli (medium)

RRP: $98.00 (You save $9.00)
Being natural gemstones made by Mother Nature herself, subtle differences in size, colour, clarity, and lustre may vary. Usually ships within 5 days