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Product Description

Thujopsis dolabrata

A recent trip to Japan rekindled our deep and slow burning love for Hiba and Hinoki woods, so we wanted to share a bit of this magic with you in the form of 9 limited edition bottles.

A native to Japan, the iconic Hiba tree is a member of the cypress family.

It grows strong and resilient against the elements, withstanding blustery winds and heavy snowfalls in lifespans of over 250 to 300 years old, where it reaches full maturity. Energetically, it is an important reminder that things of quality have no fear of time, and that adversity challenges and shapes us into something truly irrepressible. 

The finest quality oils are pressed from the sustainably grown and responsibly sourced bark of these rare and precious 300 year old trees.

Regarded as the tree of life, Hiba wood is a perfect mirror echoing the beauty, minimalism and functionality of the Japanese culture. Aside from being durable and rot-resistant, Hiba is  antibacterial and naturally repels insects. So valued is Aomori Hiba that the wood has been used by craftsmen to build important cultural and architectural landmarks such as the Golden Hall of Chusonji in the Iwate prefecture, Shizuoka prefecture's Kakegawa Castle, and the Izumo Shrine of the Shimane prefecture. 

AROMA woody, rich, aromatic

PROMOTES peace and relaxation, deodorises 

GUARDS against insects as its renowned for its bug repellant qualities. Hiba wood is also antibacterial 

TIPS While few drops in your diffuser will keep you in a calm, zen state, Aomori Hiba wood essential oil can also be dropped on cotton balls and slipped into shoes to help deodorise them. Slip a few scented cotton balls in your closets to also keep the space fresh and creepy crawlies at bay. 


Aomori Hiba Wood