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Mmerci Encore offers handcrafted artisanal aromatherapy goods. We are loved for our sensorial self-care regimens and little feelgood luxuries to enjoy every day. 

Our active ingredients are sourced fresh the world over. Each small-batch preparation is infused with 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils of uncompromising quality. Beyond smelling sublime, they work to enhance and support one’s emotional and physical wellbeing. 

Made with passion and pride in our studio in Singapore. Blended to benefit skin and psyche.


A note from the founder, Alli 

I've only ever wanted to make little luxuries and self-care rituals that made people feel good about themselves. No matter where they were - doing yoga, on a red eye or just trying to make it through the day, our products blended with love and intention offer weary souls that little spark of zen and happiness. 

I remember the 8 year old me, running barefoot on the sand and chasing waves along the sundrenched beaches of Australia. 

When we weren't on the coast, we would spend weekends at farmers' markets, indie fairs, secondhand bookshops. We'd roadtrip to lavender farms, speak to beekeepers and ginger farmers, pluck strawberries, be made to pose next to endless fields of tulips. Day and night, I'd watch my parents light their oil burners and diffuse the essentials of the moment. 

My hard earned pocket money was spent on books on herbs and home beauty remedies. I'd lose myself in the bathroom, whipping up natural facial masks and hair treatments with ingredients raided from my parents' fridge. Before honey and yoghurt facials were a Pinterest hit, before YouTube influencers ran mashed bananas through their hair to create shine, this primary schooler was busy turning her suburban bathroom into a mini laboratory. I was mesmerised by the textures and scents, the way these oils and botanicals could somehow change moods to uplift or calm others down, brighten the skin or make it smoother than ever. To me, it was and still is magic.

Eventually, this glimmer of alchemy faded away. Clays and essential oils set aside for 'serious' pursuits such as writing and climbing the publishing ladder. And though I'd grow up to become a senior beauty editor at a cult fashion title, it was only when a dear girlfriend of mine went through a breakup that I returned to my roots. She had trouble sleeping, was down and anxious, and found herself miles away from home in NYC. There was nothing I could say. I'm terrible at baking cookies, so instead I sent her a hand blended sleep potion to help ease her into a proper night's rest and let her know she wasn't alone. Just like how, when you burn these oils or apply these products to your skin, I hope you know that you too, are not alone. You are not forgotten. Tomorrow will be better. Here is a bit of light and good energy to see you through.  

So here we are. And while I still find refuge in the stillness of my bathroom, these days our goods are handcrafted in our ever so humble atelier. I've since become a certified aromatherapist, and use wisdom and intuition to create products that benefit both skin and psyche™. 

Mmerci Encore's raw ingredients are sourced fresh the world over. Each small-batch preparation is infused with 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils of uncompromising quality. Each product is crafted with passion and pride in Singapore.

It really is a joy and an honour to make these for you. Thank you for allowing my inner child to live out its first love. Thank you for being part of our journey. Mmerci encore!


My best,

x Alli