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Product Description

Don't be a hard rock when you really are a gem...

A saviour for puffy faces and fatigued skin! Valued for its metaphysical properties, this precious stone has long been prized in ancient Chinese culture for its ability to self-heal, clear negative energy and bring tranquility and luck to its bearer. Roll your cares and toxins away with this luxe jade facial massager. The perfect accent in any daily self-care skincare regimen, gently glide across the face post-cleanse to really wake the skin up. Burn those oils, set your intentions, cleanse your skin and just roll with it... 

BENEFITS The jade roller promotes a brighter, rosier skin tone as it stimulates micro-circulation. Roll in a sweeping motion from the middle of the face (chin to the ears, nose to the ears etc) to detox and promote lymphatic drainage. Pop in the fridge or on ice for a cool-touch roller that helps to reduce puffiness. Use the mini jade piece at the bottom of the roller under the eyes to de-puff and minimise the appearance of dark eye circles. 

NEED TO KNOW Being a living mineral, each jade stone features its own unique properties. Rollers may vary in tone and size, with stones approximately 4cm and 2cm respectively. Minimal inclusions are completely normal and inherent to the nature of jade. These babies are fragile and need extra TLC, so please keep them away from rough or sharp surfaces, extreme temperatures (such as the freezer!) and avoid submerging them in water for too long. Keep clean, dry and away from humid areas when not in use. As with your skin, avoid using harsh detergents to clean the roller, and kindly remember that the metallic parts may patina in time. 

Jade Face Roller