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Product Description

LIMITED EDITION! Create a cocoon of scent and wellbeing with Halo, our electronic aromatherapy diffuser. Halo emits a fine ultrasonic mist, scented with your favourite essential oils - making it the perfect way to enjoy aromatherapy. 

Through the safe inhalation of these essential oils, enhance your wellbeing and instantly change the ambiance of your living, office, bedroom, and living space.

This safe and convenient marble-print vessel comes in-built lights in interchangeable colours, helping you activate the senses of sight and smell as the oils work to restore mind, body, and spirit. 

The device is safety tested and comes with a Singapore-configured plug. 


  • humidifier
  • ultrasonic frequency of 2.4MHz
  • differing colours of light from blue, red, orange, violet, purple, deep blue, aqua, teal, to various shades of green
  • a 300ml water capacity 
  • emits a quiet fog, timed to 60/120/180 minutes 
  • auto-off
  • lightweight, recyclable plastic shell that is cool/neutral in temperature to the touch making it a safer option** for families or high traffic areas
  • 6 month exchange warranty with free return service valid in Singapore

HOW TO USE Halo, our electronic aromatherapy diffuser can hold up to 300ml of water. Pour fresh, clean water up to the line as indicated on the device. Add 3 to 5 drops of your desired essential oil and gently push the 'on' button. Pressing the same button in rapid succession changes coloured in-built lights within. 

For optimal performance, we recommend draining and cleaning the device with a soft cloth and very mild detergent every 2 to 3 days.

HALO HELPS ABOLISH HUMAN TRAFFICKING We believe that everyone has the right to freedom and to live out their fullest potential without fear or oppression. We have committed a chunk of proceeds from the sale of each diffuser to A21, a non-profit & NGO dedicated to the liberation of modern day slaves all over the world. There are currently more oppressed and trafficked people today than ever before in history and we're committed to helping stop this pandemic. These funds will help A21 in their mission to abolish slavery, everywhere, forever. 


6 MONTH EXCHANGE WARRANTY We are happy to extend a 6 month exchange warranty valid from the date of purchase, in the event of the diffuser malfunctioning. Simply drop us an email informing us of your return & preferred pick up dates that we can collect the device from you. All devices must be returned intact with the device and cord, and we will issue you with a replacement within 4 to 6 weeks, if not sooner. Kindly note that we are happy to send a replacement at no charge to you, and will bear the cost of the two-way return handling fees charged by our courier. Change of heart/mind does not constitute a malfunctioning device.

SAFETY A handy safety and instructional guide is included with every box. Do not leave the electronic diffuser unattended. Keep underside of diffuser and cord dry at all times. Display and store out of reach from children and pets.

** in comparison to classic oil burners

Halo Aromatherapy Diffuser in Marble Print

PRE-ORDER! Estimated delivery date: 15 Nov '18. Orders will be delivered in full: this includes orders that combine Halo with other goods. By purchasing, you agree to the one-time mid-Nov delivery x
Expected release date is 19 Nov