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Product Description

The essential kit for helping to mindfully eliminate tension, stagnant energy and/or bad vibes. Whether you're looking to gently release flat energy that's making you feel 'stuck' or literally clear the air, making way for a positive, fresher outlook, this kit contains:

  • 10ml sage essential oil
  • 10ml palo santo essential oil
  • 60ml empty amber mist bottle (for you to blend into a space mist of your own with a floral hydrosol, purified water, and/or alcohol)
  • a sustainably-sourced Brazilian quartz cluster

THE PROCESS Throw open the windows of your space. Take a moment to get quiet and centred. Inhale, exhale, and set your intention of release. What are you letting go of? What are you choosing to close that door to? What is your highest intention? Proceed to burn, diffuse, or spritz your blended oils - whether released into the atmosphere or lightly misted around your self. Let go. Shake it off, and feel your body coming back to yourself. 

THE AFFIRMATION I am now choosing to cleanse myself and this space, releasing any beings, situations, and energies that are no longer of service to my highest and greatest good. All energies that are less than love may be transmuted for the highest good for all.  

Energy Cleansing Kit

Being natural gemstones made by Mother Nature herself, subtle differences in size, colour, clarity, and lustre may vary. Usually ships within 5 days