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Our connection with the earth is inherent to who we are. Imbued with the energies of the elements, these healing crystals and gemstones serve as a totem or reminder of who we are now, and were we would like to be. 

We have been collecting what we affectionately call our pet rocks for decades and are never without these strong, silent companions. Whether they're helping us to stay grounded and ward off negativity at the workplace, or they're being safely stowed in our pockets for travel to calm and remove any anxiety, these companions not only serve to beautify but are programmed to support, uplift, and guide even in the most challenging of times.

Upon receiving your stone, we recommend first cleansing and charging it. There's a myriad of beautiful yet simple rituals to do so:

  • by running it under water
  • burying it under the earth
  • smudging it with sage
  • bathing it in the light of a full moon or the light of the sun (do note of course, this may fade some stones)

Then, find a quiet moment. With crystal in hand, get still and program each gemstone with your intention or highest wish for it, and yourself. If it helps, write down your affirmation where you're most likely to need it. Rinse and repeat when you feel it has picked up more than its fair share of energy (negative or otherwise). 

Fret not if you can't or don't feel streams of energy emanating from these stones. Everyone has a individual and personal connection that's unique to them. The important thing is to be open and have a response that's real and authentic. Sometimes, selecting a stone can merely be based on your aesthetic affinity with it. One thing's for sure, we're sure our healing crystals have found a good home with you x