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Product Description

THE INTENTION Amethyst has long been regarded to boost intellect, removing any thoughts that may impair or cloud one's judgement. In fact, it's name comes from the Greek word meaning 'not intoxicated' & the stone has long been regarded by the ancient Romans and Greeks to help one keep their heads grounded and in control over bad thoughts and to protect travellers an act as a spiritual guide on their journies.  

THE AFFIRMATION I am calm, protected, of sound mind and clear thought. 

PAIR THIS WITH lavender essential oil

Our natural crystals are sustainably mined in Brazil and lovingly hand selected from trusted sources in the field of crystals and gemstones with over 28 years of experience. 

Approximate measurements (being natural, each gemstone is unique in colour, size, shape, lustre and points): length 4.5cm or 5cm x width/depth anywhere from 2 to 4cm. The image above is only as an illustrative guide. 

Comes per piece 

Amethyst Point

Being natural gemstones made by Mother Nature herself, subtle differences in size, colour, clarity, and lustre may vary. Usually ships within 5 days